Welcome to Bluegrass Siberians Cattery. Our beautiful Siberian cats live with our family in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  They are more than just breeding cats; they are our pets.  Each cat or kitten purchased from us is fully socialized.  With 5 children still at home, all of our Siberian kittens receive lots of attention.  Each of our Siberian kittens has its own unique personality.  Some come when called, some play in the sink with the water running, one even takes the tennis ball away from the dog so she can play with it.

Our Bluegrass Siberian kittens and our Siberian cats are all registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).  All kittens leaving our cattery will have a written health guarantee, and will be up to date on vaccinations.

Most people who have allergic reactions to cats have no reaction to Siberians due to the lower levels of the FelD1 protein found in cat saliva and sebaceous glands.